White Slip

White Slip


This decorating slip is suitable for use on both Earthenware and Stoneware bodies.  JSC white decorating slip can be applied to leather hard clay with brushes, sponges or slip trailers. After bisque firing the pots can be glazed with a suitable transparent glaze which will gloss the surface (see test tile image) or you can apply a brush-on glaze at firm leather hard stage to ‘raw glaze’ your work.

You can combine any of the JSC powdered pigments to this silky white decorating slip to make your own range of slip colours – just mix some powdered pigment with some water first and then top up with white decorating slip and shake vigorously to blend the ingredients.  1 tsp of pigment in 60ml of slip will achieve a colour – the more pigment, the darker the colour achieved.  You can also mix pigment colours to make your own unique colours.

Test tile sample is fired to 1140ºc.
Wide firing range – 1000º – 1240ºc

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