Introduction to Oxides Workshop


10 am – 4 pm flexi finish
Cost £165

8th June 2024

Packed Lunch
Rubber gloves
Notebook, Pen/pencil for your recipes and tests
Multiple small jam jars/ containers or you can buy them from me
Face mask

What are Oxides?
How can we use oxides?
How can we combine oxides?
What colours can we achieve using Oxides?

This course is for anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding about Oxides, how they behave and how to use them in pottery.

What to expect?
Learn how to make test tiles and how to get the most from your testing.
Learn about raw glazing.
Make and test a variety of oxides on your test tiles.
Make your own test glazes to keep using a variety of oxides.
Make your own raw glazed clay test beakers using oxides combined with clay.
Make your own reactive oxide slip to keep.

Your results will be something to keep and refer to forever.
You will gain a huge amount of understanding about how to use oxides in your pottery to achieve reactive colour in glaze, slip and clay bodies.  We will use really simple no-weighing techniques that will be easy to recreate in your own practice.

It’s a vast subject, but with this course, you will get to grips with the complexity of oxides and feel more confident using these amazing and versatile natural pigments.

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