About Jane (and Bertie)


This is Jane….

I fell in love with pottery when I was 20. It all started with a Raku workshop at a festival – it was a magical warm summer evening, I had moddled a small figurative sculpture the day before and watched transfixed as it emerged from the kiln at 1000 degrees, glowing bright orange, then plunged into sawdust it was smoky and alchemical, a transformation from soft clay to shimmering coppery iridescence… It was an enchantment and I was hooked.

I went on to study at Bath Spa University where I attained a BA hons and also an MA in Ceramics. I have been pottering about the studio for about 19 years, using a wide variety of clay techniques but specialising in hand building, particularly slabbuilding. Often pushing the boundaries and exploring the material with the greatest of enthusiasm, I am a bit of a rebel potter and I encourage my students to let go and enjoy the ride with this very special medium.

I have developed a range of high-quality pottery products and studio equipment during 2020 including the innovative Pigment Free Underglaze Medium and High Pigment Decorating Slips that I make by hand in small batches here in Wiltshire. You will also find lovely plate moulds that are hand made locally and lots of other nice things you might need in your pottery space – all available to buy in the POTTERY SHOP.

I run inspiring pottery workshops and regular classes in my studio and also via zoom, make YouTube pottery videos, and also lead mobile multi media art workshops, including life drawing, for schools, museums and other organisations and groups.


Jane Scott leaving her studio with a tray of part glazed ceramic cups that have been made by students on a pottery workshop near Bath uk
portrait of the pottery studio dog, Bertie, who helps to run her ceramics workshops in wiltshire uk

This is Bertie….

Bertie is the studio dog – a fine example of a beautiful full coated Border Terrier.

He is super friendly. He will bark when you arrive but he’s just telling you that he is super excited to meet you.  He likes to lick your legs –  Don’t be alarmed, be flattered he has chosen your legs to lick.

Bertie is well known for being very vocal, he will ‘talk’ and make cute snuffle noises especially if you talk to him and give him a pat.

You can give Bertie a snack if you like. He is keen on most doggie treats, but be warned – if you do treat Bertie to a little something he will NEVER forget and will get excited to see you and sit for you EVERY time he sees you – hoping for another treat!

Sometimes Bertie likes to lie down in the studio – right in the way, and he does look a bit like a chunky doormat so occasionally he gets stepped on! But apart from that he lives a very happy life here in Corsham and everyone seems to be very fond of him.

If you would like to meet Bertie come and do some pottery here and if you need a friend for life, bring a snack.

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