Monday Membership Club

£165.00 / month

This is a monthly subscription product for 12 months

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Our Pay Monthly contract is a 12-month contract with a two month minimum commitment period. It renews automatically until you decide to end it.

Pay Monthly contracts do not end automatically after your minimum commitment period expires. It will keep renewing automatically until you give us notice that you want to end your contract and leave the studio.

Terminating your membership

We’ll be sad to see you go – but when it’s time to say goodbye, here’s what to do:

Pay monthly contracts

If you are on a Pay Monthly contract, you will need to give us notice in writing (email) at least one month in advance of your billing cycle.

For example if your billing date is the 15th of every month and you would like to leave on 15th September, you’ll need to give us notice before 15th August.

If you decide to end your membership before you have completed your minimum commitment period you will be liable to an Early Termination fee of £50

Can I buy a membership for someone else?

Yes! Studio 9 membership and classes could make a great gift. Please just let us know the name of the recipient when you make the payment.

Why a whole month?

Jane Scott Ceramics offers monthly membership as well as 2.5 hour independent studio time rates because every piece you make goes through several steps and could take weeks to complete. You are given your own personal storage areas on-site to store your clay and work-in-progress between visits.

There will occasionally be a mentor on site to advise members on how to use the equipment, and on the best way to carry out a project, but you will be fully trained in the use of the equipment when you sign up for your membership and have your first studio session booked if you haven’t already attended a class here. There is no structured teaching, but if you want advice on technique Jane or another member of staff will be happy to make suggestions via a telephone call or email etc. and Jane will sometimes be available in person to have a face to face chat about your work.

If you would like private tuition to learn a new process then you can book tuition from Jane Scott Ceramics mentors or technicians. This costs £90 per person for 2 hours.

Our studio assistants are on hand to pack the kilns, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Yes, anyone can sign up, as long as they are responsible in the studio. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you take an introductory class, or a private tuition session but after that, you are welcome to become a member and keep practicing at your own pace. Everyone has to start somewhere and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll improve.

Studio 9 membership is for people aged 16 and above. We cannot have younger children in the studio due to the risks inherent in using raw glaze chemicals, sharp tools, and electrical equipment.

Membership includes open studio on the day you have chosen, use of equipment, tools, and up to 48.64 litres per month of earthenware temperature firing – this is the equivalent of one whole red kiln firing per month. Each member gets their own storage shelf.
Jane Scott Ceramics Studio 9 membership is for everyone—inquisitive beginners, off and on hobbyists, and experienced artists. There’ll always be someone on hand to answer your questions. But if you’d rather have something a little more structured, we run regular classes as well.
Clay and Glaze is available for purchase. We also have basic tool kits and other equipment and supplies available.